Spicy Advice Ragtime Band

Spicy Advice Ragtime Band from Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the hottest traditional jazz bands in Europe, and has visited Riverboat Jazz Festival several times. The band plays New Orleans jazz with a lot of joy and energy, inspired by giants from the revival era, like Bunk Johnson and George Lewis, as well as hot bands from the roaring twenties like Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver and Bessie Smith. The repertoire additionally consists of original ragtime music and the band could as complement to the concert set-up also perform as a marching parade band.

Joakim Falk – cornet
Adam Falk – clarinet, tenor saxophone
Cissi Larsson – vocal, clarinet
Leon Falk – trombone
Gunnar Åkerhielm – piano
Jacob Ullberger – banjo
Niklas Wennström – bass
Jonathan Leidecker – drums


Concerts during the festival