Prima Junior

“King Jive” - Mathias Flint (voc), “Big Fat Pianoman” - Anders Grankvist Schou (pn), Francesco Dell'Arte” - Anders Frang (ts), “Barry "Two-Tone" Jones” - Jonas Enevoldsen Andreasen (bars), “Tip Toe Tommy” - Rune Krogshede (trp), “Jake the Dog” - Jakob Retz (b), “Sir Archibald von Steadybeat” - Andreas Skamby Madsen (dr)

This young orchestra with local roots has long since established their name and has taken the audience by storm to the Riverboat Jazz Festival for the past 17 years. Prima Junior plays jive music, ie. swing music in progress. With inspiration in i.a. Louis Prima and Louis Jordan throw these seven young musicians out without safety nets in a terrific embrace of music that twitches and swings and appeals to young and old alike.



Concerts during the festival

Thursday d. 23. Jun 2022

Saturday d. 25. Jun 2022