Old Boys Big Band

Conductor: Hans Holm

A festive orchestra with more than 20 active musicians and singers playing glorious swinging jazz music. A popular repertoire and a captivating performance means it comes off the stage edge. We continue a cozy, festive and beautiful tradition in Jysk Musikteater's foyer.

The orchestra has existed since 1994 and counts musicians, singers and sound people around 30 m / k. The band is led by composer and - not insignificantly in this context - arranger and conductor Hans Holm.

The main repertoire is characterized by the fact that we are so lucky to have 8 singers. 3 girls sing Andrews Sisters songs, 3 boys sing Mills Brothers and Four Jacks songs. You can also meet OBBB's own Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Tom Jones and others.

In addition, old catchy swing numbers are played, preferably in a slightly newer outfit

Both the trumpet, trombone and saxophone group as well as the rhythm group are fully occupied from the bass trombone at the bottom to the transverse flute at the top.

OBBB has its own lighting and sound system and sound people.

We play for jazz club events, New Year's concerts, company events, dance events, church concerts and the like.

The repertoire is adapted to the current event, as we place emphasis on giving the audience a good musical experience, which must also be entertaining.


Concerts during the festival

Saturday d. 25. Jun 2022