Gunnertoft Gospel Singers

Gunnertoft Gospel Singers was established in 2009 and has in a short time marked itself as one of Europe's best gospel choirs. The choir has performed and recorded with names such as Søs Fenger, Erann DD, Martin Brygmann, Julie Berthelsen, Linda Andrews, James Sampson, Laura Kjærgaard, Gregory Boyd, Lene Nørrelykke and others. Gunnertoft Gospel Singers has released 2 CDs, and the latest "A Merry Little Christmas" from 2011 has sold more than 185,000 copies. Gunnertoft Gospel Singers consists of singers from all over the country, most of whom have a conservatory background as students or teachers. Several have a solo career with their own concerts and CD releases. In short, it is a bubbling gospel choir packed with a string of talented soloists.

Gunnertoft Gospel Singers is broadly aimed at an audience of all ages with a repertoire that includes offers well-known gospel songs and evergreens in the best gospel style spiced with community songs, where the audience is involved, just as "taken easier".

Gunnertoft Gospel Singers is led by gospel pianist Jakob Gunnertoft.


Concerts during the festival

Wednesday d. 22. Jun 2022